LA Cold Essential Workers & COVID-19 Info

LA Cold Storage Essential Workers

Los Angeles Cold Storage thanks all of our dedicated essential employees! A proud part of the food supply chain, doing our part to work safely…

COVID-19 Info

In these unprecedented times, protecting the well-being of our employees, customers, drivers and vendors is our highest priority. To that end, LA Cold Storage has instituted a pandemic plan across all of our departments that includes the following health and safety protocols based on best practices recommended by the CDC:

  • We have stopped any group meetings in enclosed spaces and have instituted a plan of “keeping people at a distance.” In addition, all “skin to skin” touching (such as shaking hands) is not allowed.
  • Restricted lunchroom seating to limit people allowed in an enclosed space at one time.
  • Added sanitizing stations at all warehouses for employees, customers and drivers. We have also instituted a sanitizing requirement for everyone coming into our facilities.
  • Added sanitizing wipes at all work stations and instructed our employees to sanitize their areas on a regular basis.
  • Increased their cleaning regiment with appropriate disinfectant.
  • All employees and supervisors have been alerted to stay home if they feel sick.

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