Transportation Services

  • Fully Licensed and Insured Transportation Broker
  • Nationwide Temperature Controlled LTL & FTL Delivery Services
  • Same Day Pick-Up & Delivery Service To Various Locations Within the Los Angeles Area.
  • Container Drayage Service From Ports of Los Angeles & Long Beach to your warehouse.
  • Global Air Freight & Overnight Air Freight Services

L.A. Qwik Serv Transportation, a division of Los Angeles Cold Storage delivers to Southern California and to the world. Quality prompt service from any warehouse to your customer’s door with a modern fleet of refrigerated trucks. Local or nationwide deliveries, full or less than full truck loads, refrigerated or frozen; prompt delivery service is one more aspect of the L.A. Cold Storage commitment to help you, and help your customer.

Need fast and efficient help with your harbor container hauling services? Have your customs broker call L.A. Qwik! In addition to local and nationwide delivery services, we are also proud to provide harbor container hauling services by L.A. Qwik Serv Transportation. With the success of L.A. Qwik local delivery and nationwide transportation services, container hauling from any Southern California harbor brings us full circle. With one phone call, our customers are now able to arrange transportation from the docks or processor, provide safe and secure storage services, have inspection services performed, repack the product if necessary and have the goods delivered to the retailer, distribution center or wholesaler. What could be easier?! Call your L.A. Qwik Serv dispatcher for rates and schedules.


Los Angeles Cold Storage will pack any sample, package, carton or pallet with dry (or blue) ice and ship it worldwide safely and securely.

For additional information regarding this service please contact our customer service agents at 213.229.8333 or by email at

L.A. Qwik Serv Transportation Info

410 South Central Ave #202
Los Angeles, CA 90013

Tel: 213.624.1831
Fax: 213.680.4130
Hours: 7:00 am–4:30 pm PST Mon–Fri



Manager of Operations

Sam Reyes, ext.207

Team Lead/Freight Dispatcher

Iram Rhoads, ext.206

Drayage Dispatcher

Maria Polanco, ext.208


How can I send orders to you?

Orders should be emailed to the below email addresses.  Please feel free to call us with any questions.

Freight Orders:
Drayage Orders:
Phone: 213.624.1831
Fax: 213.680.4130

Is LA Qwik compliant with the provisions of the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA)?

LA Qwik is in compliance with all of the provisions of the FSMA. We also require our contractors to be fully compliant.

Are LA Qwik carriers fully licensed and insured?

LA Qwik is licensed by the U.S. Department of Transportation as a freight broker. LA Qwik carries $300,000.00 contingent cargo liability insurance and requires all carriers to have a minimum of $100,000.00 cargo liability insurance.

Will LA Qwik provide me with the status of my container while it is still at the terminal?

All containers are monitored on a daily basis via the terminal websites. All pertinent information regarding your container will be relayed to you and your broker.

Will LA Qwik provide me with a quotation prior to picking up my order?

Quotes are provided upon request and are based on the information provided.

Will LA Qwik provide me with a POD prior to receiving my freight invoice?

Yes, LAQ will make every attempt to secure and send the POD prior to invoicing.

Will LA Qwik dray my overweight container?

LAQ will not knowingly dray overweight containers. We can recommend a reputable carrier that may assist you if the need arises.

Will LA Qwik schedule pickup and delivery appointments for orders that I have tendered to you?

Yes, we will make all of the arrangements from start to finish for your orders.

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