Can I look up my inventories online?

Yes, through our powerful online portal eVista you can:

  • View your inventory balances and history
  • View the status, detail and history of your orders and receipts
  • Look up item information
  • View monthly invoices
  • Schedule and manage inventory balance reports

Please contact our Customer Service for set-up at cs@lacold.com

Are my documents and invoices available to me online at anytime?

Yes! Through our online portal eVista you can view, download and print your documents and invoices on demand.  Please contact our Customer Service for set-up at cs@lacold.com

How can I receive my documents?

All documents are scanned and available online through eVista for verifying and/or printing.

We also mail customer copies via USPS.

Can I have customized inventory reports?

We have many standard and custom reports available in PDF, HTML, CSV and Excel formats.  Additional customized reports are available on request.  For more information, please contact Customer Service at cs@lacold.com.

How can I send orders to you?

You can send in your orders via email. fax or verbally:

Email:  cs@lacold.com, Confirmation reply response within 15 minutes.

Fax:  213.229.2525

Phone:  213.229.8333,  Orders entered for immediate processing

Am I able to use my own product codes when storing with you?

Yes!  Up to 20 alphanumeric characters are available to use.

Can I utilize either FIFO or FILO/LIFO when storing with you?

Yes!  LACS, and the industry commonly use FIFO.  FILO is customer driven and controlled.

Does LACS provide services for taking weights on random weight cases?

LACS can record weights on random weight items and run totals as well.  Charges for these services are listed on our “Extra Service Page” of our tariff.

Do you offer Cross Dock/Trans-Loading Services?

These types of services are available on a load basis, but our experience identified that coordination of both loads to be present at the same time was challenging.  Our (STH) Short Term Hold option was more functional in most cases.

Does LACS provide Re-Packing and Labeling services?

LA Repack does offer a variety of services from Labeling, Case Breakdown, Component Consolidation, Strapping, etc.

We do not offer above services for exposed products.

Please contact Alicia Carrillo at acarrillo@lacold.com for all re-pack and labeling questions.

Does LACS have "emergency" back-up generators?

Yes!  LACS has 2 emergency backup generators that can be utilized during an “emergency” loss of power or a DWP scheduled shut down.

Does LACS keep data backups?

Data in the production environment changes with every transaction and operation. We continuously backup of our data in the event of data loss or corruption. In addition, we use redundancy and fail-over throughout our environment, as well as the latest security software and patches.

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